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I know I can trust the people at Summit and that is really important to me.  They really stick-to-it when solving pest problems and go beyond the call of duty to protect my home and garden!
~ Eleanor Whitfield, Homeowner
Summit Pest saved us from a rat infestation.  Most importantly, they knew how the rats were getting in (which nobody else could figure out). They are true professionals and good people!
~ Jennifer Merkel, Homeowner
We had a rat problem at our warehouse facility that came from overseas shipments we were receiving.  The Summit team knew exactly what to do.  They are professional and reliable experts!
~ Bill Laird, Facility/Safety Mgr.
"Morgan was amazing! We had a bird trying to make a nest in our second floor bathroom vent. Morgan vacuumed out the beginnings of the nest, sprayed pesticide in the area, covered all three of our bathroom vents with covers, washed the bird droppings off the house, and walked around the entire exterior of our house dispensing valuable advice on how to be proactive in protecting our home from future infestations of all types. He was very helpful and kind, and willing to be available in the future either in person or via email should we need further assistance. Wonderful experience. Thank you so much!!""
~ Angie's List Review, Animal Removal/Pest Control/Exterminating
"So we just bought our first house, and noticed right after we moved in that the previous owners had left us fleas. They had a couple dogs and cats and obviously didn't treat them at all. Not the greatest moving in gift we have ever received. Anyways we called Summit and Debbie was very helpful in answering all the questions I had and scheduled an appointment for the next day.

The technicians were on time, very polite,explained everything they do (which was very informative and helpful), and very professional. All those factors would make me comfortable referring this company to anyone. They give a 90 day guarantee which is very helpful considering it's no guarantee to get rid of fleas on one treatment. Also they honored my $25 coupon for new customers even though I forgot to bring it. (stupid me I could have shown it to him on my smart phone).

Overall very professional and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."
~ Yelp Review, April 9, 2013
"A recent home inspection revealed the presence of powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and rodents in the crawl space of our 1941 home. We called Summit Pest Management to ask if they could send somebody over to determine if there has been any recent activity in our crawl space (we assumed that the signs of invasion were pre-existing since we've never experienced a pest problem in the 8 years that we've lived at our address). Bill promptly had his secretary schedule an inspection.

To my surprise Bill showed to do the inspection himself (on time I might add). Before entering the crawl space he defined the scope of his inspection and mentioned that he'd be looking for not only pest problems, but problems that would almost certainly be outside a 'normal' inspector's scope of work (loose pipes, inadequate duct-work, moisture problems, etc). I was immediately impressed. When he made his way out of the crawl space he was thorough in his evaluation and he verbally walked me through everything that he saw. Having dealt with 2 of the bigger players in pest management years ago, I assumed that Bill would fall into the category of resorting to scare tactics to drum up business. Thankfully, Bill's a good and honest man that runs a reputable business. He informed me that the rodents are long gone and any tunneling that he spotted didn't exit to the outside of the crawl space. The powder post beetles are no longer present. He couldn't confirm or deny any recent carpenter ant activity due to the time of the year, but recommended spraying in the spring and they guarantee their work for 1 year.

Summit Pest Management - what a breath of fresh air! Bill even provided a written report that we could have on file. When I let him know that we were preparing to sell the home that he inspected and subsequently build a new home he proceeded to walk me through ways to prevent pest problems during our build. He also recommended a company that he'd trust that services the area that we'll be moving to. Can't say enough about Bill - would without a doubt use him again!!!!! Call him - you won't regret it."
~ Angie's List Review, January 25, 2013
"They were fast in determining the problem and a solution. We have had no further issues and I highly recommend them to all who need help eliminating a pest and want it done quickly. They do great work!"
~ Home Advisor Pro, January 9, 2013
"I found I had some mice in my home. I called another service and was given an outrages price and decided to look for another service. I found Summitt seeing that they were on Angie's List and figured they must be good. When I called they were very friendly and came out as soon as possible. Bill was wonderful, made me feel at ease and explained in detail about how he would deal with my problem and how he would solve it. He suggested that we check with my neighbor who is attached to my unit. He found that we both had mice under our house. He dealt with the problem and then followed up to make sure it worked, which it did. I was very happy with Summitt's honest, up front, caring and abilities to solve my problem."
~ Angie's List, January 3, 2013
"I was very satisfied with the person who came to my house and he was very informative about how to avoid a reoccurance of the problem."
~ Home Advisor Pro, November 12, 2012
"I started out with Bill & Summit Pest (at the time was Pacific Structural) about the time the company was just starting up. We had bedbugs!! Bill took care of them with one really good spraying in the affected rooms, then returned in a couple weeks for a second go around for any eggs that hatched in the meantime. Never saw another after! Was very affordable for that service and decided to go with them on a quarterly maintenance program, where they come out and spray for spiders, and others outside, keeping them from showing up inside! Then they are available when we need them from time to time to trap ants we get in the garage and sometimes in the bathroom at no additional charge. I've been contacted by several competitors over the years to change, but NEVER will. Have referred them to my neighbors and all have been equally happy with their service, professionalism, & rates. So glad to have met them!"
~ Angie's List, November 5, 2012
"Their company is fantastic. They are here when we ask them to be here. They do everything I ask them to do and they are clean and tidy and very professional. I have nothing but positive things to say about them."
~ Angie's List, July 5, 2012
"Bill came out to assess my carpenter ant problem in my kitchen. He also checked around the perimeter of the house with me. He was great in educating me about the ants and the treatment needed. Morgan came out a couple of days later to apply the treatment and also followed through with several other things Bill and I discussed that needed to be done. Both Bill and Morgan were on time, as scheduled. They both answered my many questions about the ants and and the service that they would be providing me. I feel that they take great pride and care in their services. I was completely satisfied with Morgan's work. Debby was efficient in promptly scheduling the work so it could be taken care of as soon as possible as well. Summit provided excellent customer service and that is the reason that I would reccommend this company, in a heartbeat, to my family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It is hard to find a company like this. I even signed up for their quarterly program."
~ Aileen Y, May 17, 2012