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Ants are the number one nuisance pest in the country and if you’ve dealt with them, you know how frustrating they can be. Ant infestations spread fast and can be difficult to control without the help of an experienced exterminator. Fortunately, Summit Pest Management is here to help. We have over 19 years of experience providing the Portland and Vancouver area with effective, long-lasting ant control solutions.

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Ant Identification

Ant infestations are common across the country. They are the number one nuisance pest after all.

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How do you know when you have a full-blown ant infestation? Ant nests, trails, and wood shavings are just a few signs of an ant infestation in Portland OR.

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Ants are tiny but their infestations are not! When you see one ant in your home, there are likely hundreds or even thousands more sure to follow.

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Summit’s Ant Removal Process

At Summit Pest Management, we know how frustrating ants can be in both homes and businesses. This is why we use a highly effective ant extermination process proven to work long-term. Here’s what you can expect with our ant control services: 

  1. A thorough property inspection to locate the source of the infestation and identify the ant species
  2. Application or placement of ant control products and insecticides
  3. Sealing of entry points to help eliminate sources of the infestation
  4. A detailed ant removal report describing the treatment performed
  5. Ant control and prevention tips to avoid future ant infestations

Common Ants in the Pacific Northwest

  • Acrobat Ant
  • Argentine Ant
  • Big Headed Ant
  • Carpenter Ant
  • Field Ant
  • Fire Ant
  • Ghost Ant
  • Large Yellow Ant
  • Little Black Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
  • Pavement Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant
  • Tawny Crazy Ant
  • Thief Ant

Trusted Local Ant Exterminators

When it comes to ant control, there’s a good reason why we’re the most trusted ant exterminators in Portland: our ant removal and control methods work! Do-it-yourself ant methods simply do not provide long-term relief. Our ant extermination methods focus on treating current ant infestations and preventing future ones from occurring. With more than 19 years of experience, our ant control services are guaranteed. 

At first sight of ants in your home or business, give the ant exterminators at Summit Pest Management a call!


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