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Wildlife Control - Exclusion - Removal

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From squirrels to raccoons, we have a lot of wildlife in the Portland and Vancouver area. Although they’re used to the outdoors, they won’t mind making themselves right at home in your property. Wild animals may be cute, but they’re unpredictable and can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Not to mention, they can spread diseases and bring parasites into your home. Whether you have a wild animal in your home or in your yard, it’s important to never attempt to remove the animal yourself. The wildlife control experts at Summit Pest Management can help. 

Our wildlife removal team is licensed to safely and humanely remove wild animals in both Oregon and Washington. 

Identify your wildlife crittetrs here!

Wildlife Identification

Whether you’ve spotted a wild animal or hear one in your home, it’s best to contact an animal control expert right away.

When to Call a Wildlife Exterminator

Our Wildlife Removal Process

Wildlife removal can be dangerous without the help of a wildlife expert. If you have a wild animal on your property, it’s always best to contact a wildlife removal specialist, like Summit Pest Management who will safely take care of the problem for you. Our wildlife removal services include the following steps:

  1. A thorough inspection of your home or business to locate the infestation and identify the wildlife species
  2. Use of baiting, traps, or other forms of wildlife exclusion
  3. Sealing of entry points to control the sources of the wildlife infestation
  4. A wildlife removal report detailing the type of wildlife treatment performed
  5. Wildlife prevention tips to avoid future wild animal infestations

Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest

  • Opossum
  • Raccoon
  • Squirrel
  • Skunk

Humane Wildlife Removal & Control

Wild animals are sneaky and will often live in homes for a long period of time before homeowners realize it. They are known to cause extensive amounts of damage and even start families in homes. Whether you need a squirrel removed or an entire family of raccoons, the wildlife removal team at Summit Pest Management is here to help. 

We will not only humanely remove the wildlife animal from your property, but we will also provide you with exclusion methods to ensure you don’t have a wildlife problem again!

Wildlife Control – Exclusion – Removal in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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