Hobo Spider


Actual Size: 1 to 1¾” including legs

Characteristics: Light to medium brown body with dark stripe down center; light brown legs

Legs: 8

Habitat: Rarely climes and typically remains near the floors. Builds webs outdoors in foundations, irrigation boxes, and retaining walls.


  • According to the CDC, bites are not toxic to humans.
  • Not aggressive and typically only bites when threatened.
  • Often found along railroad tracks, hence their common name.

Hobo Spiders in the Pacific Northwest

Hobo spiders got their common name from their habit of crawling along railroad tracks. A member of the funnel-web spider family, hobo spiders are known for spinning funnel or tube-shaped webs to hide in. Most of these spiders are drawn to damp crevices, with popular hiding places including rock retaining walls, cracks in soil or concrete, or near foundations. Though hobo spiders are fast and can move up to three feet per second, they are not good at climbing and therefore mainly stay close to the ground.

Hobo Spider Habitat

Though hobo spiders prefer to remain outdoors, manmade structures make the perfect habitat for these pests. Many hobo spiders will search for dark or protected crevices to build their nest in, and they are frequently found in places such as irrigation boxes, firewood stacks, and landscape rocks. Since these spiders are not great climbers, they typically build their web close to the ground. Indoors, hobo spiders may run across the floor or become stuck in sinks or bathtubs.

Hobo Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Hobo spiders are not aggressive and rarely bite humans. Though it was once believed that these spiders cause tissue damage or skin death (necrosis), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined that hobo spider venom is not toxic to humans. If you believe you have been bitten and notice any skin reaction, a doctor can help provide a proper diagnosis. Though these spiders are not considered harmless, they can be frightening and unsightly pests to have around your home. If you are experiencing an outbreak of hobo spiders, an experienced spider exterminator can help get rid of the problem quickly and effectively!