Summer is a popular time for household fix-ups and renovations.  Roof repairs and kitchen and bath remodeling are just a few of the projects that get scheduled during the warmer months. While these are great improvements that deliver value and increased quality of living, they can also create new opportunities for pests to find ways into our homes.  This is especially true when we poke holes in walls, ceilings and rooftops.  If care is not taken, these places become exposed while the job is in progress and can remain that way after the job is completed.  That said, here are a few common examples and some suggestions for maintaining a pest-free environment through the course of home renovation.


  • Cabinetry, Molding and Trim – Ripping out and replacing these items can open up areas that were previously sealed and leave them exposed.
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans  – Bathroom exhaust fan installations usually require a hole to the roof or attic if there is not one pre-existing.
  • Landscaping / Tree Removal – Landscaping projects can disturb existing habitats and send pests searching for new living space.


  • Cabinetry, Molding and Trim – Check all new installations and make sure that they have been properly caulked and sealed.
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans – Inspect roof opening and vent installation after completion to make sure there are no exposed areas.
  • Remove all debris and make sure any deliberate leave-behinds (firewood stacks, etc.) are far removed from your structure.

Using these pre-cautions, communicating them to your contractors (or yourself if it’s a DIY project) and doing proper follow up will ensure that renovations deliver the intended value without creating new risks.


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