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Flea & Tick Control Experts in Portland

If you’re a pet owner, you know that a tick problem or a flea infestation can be unendingly stressful. Every summer, we have to constantly monitor our dogs and cats for scratching and comb through their fur for evidence. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the spring, summer and fall provide the perfect conditions for ticks and fleas to thrive: shady and moist overgrowth runs rampant.

At Summit Pest Management, we strive to alleviate the hassle of dealing with these parasitic pests to whatever extent we can. We have protected the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro areas from ticks and fleas for over 20 years. Read on to learn more about how we can help you!

Effective Tick & Flea Control

Fleas are notoriously difficult to get rid of on your own, while ticks are ever-elusive and nearly as tiny. What’s more, a tick problem can come with the threat of Lyme disease (although only 1-5% of deer ticks carry the bacteria that causes it). No matter how low the odds are, we know that peace of mind is priceless–here’s how our flea and tick exterminators will provide it:

  1. A complete inspection of your property’s exterior to locate the source of the flea or tick infestation
  2. Localized application of pertinent products or a barrier treatment, depending on what the situation calls for
  3. A thorough treatment report detailing the types of strategies and products used
  4. Customized flea or tick control and prevention tips based on the reasons for your infestation

Types of Ticks in Oregon and Washington

About 20 different tick species live in the Pacific Northwest, but these four are the only ones that prey on humans:

Of these four, the Western black-legged tick, otherwise known as the deer tick, is the only one that can cause Lyme disease with their bites. You can distinguish them from other tick species by their pronounced, U-shaped red abdomen.

Flea & Tick Exterminators in the Portland OR Metro Area

Fleas in particular need to be acted on quickly. If you give fleas the time to proliferate in your home, especially in a house with lots of rugs or carpet, they will inevitably become a nightmare for your pets or even your family. 

For business owners, acting on a flea infestation as urgently as possible is critical. A pest-ridden experience can harshly affect your traffic through negative reviews. Whether your home or business in the Portland metro area is affected by these parasites, you can count on the flea and tick exterminators at Summit Pest Management to handle them. We will treat your property and provide you with specialized advice so that you can enjoy the warm seasons pest-free. Contact us today!

Tick & Flea Exterminators – Control – Removal in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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