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The winter season is upon us.  Every year, the Northwest winter begins and brings the cold weather and rain that we Northwesterners are so familiar with.  It’s the time of year when we stock up on on extra food, tea and coffee and lots of firewood to prepare for the cold and wet months ahead.  In the meantime, the same holds true for the pests and wildlife in our region.  As winter arrives, insects, rodents and other pests and wildlife will be looking for places to make their winter homes.  To prepare for winter, here are a few simple things you can do to have a pest free winter:
  1. Inspect the outside of your property.  Look for small holes and cracks or around the outside of your property as well as weaknesses in wood or concrete structures that could be chewed or tunneled through. small rodents will be looking for any way to get inside.
  2. Check any and all crawlspaces and make sure they are well sealed.  Rats, mice, raccoons and squirrels can quickly invade these places, set up their nests and do a lot of damage.  Make sure that screens, latches and access points are all strong and secure.
  3. Trim back any tree limbs, tall bushes or growing things so they are not creating a “launch pad” to your roof, window opening or exhaust vent.
  4. Make sure your outdoor trash and refuse areas are secure.  Use containers that are durable and secure when closed.

Taking a few pre-cautionary steps can spare a lot of headaches and save thousands of dollars in restoration work down the road.

WINTER IS COMING! in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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