Are Ant Treatments Harmful to Pets?

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Is Ant Treatment Harmful to Pets in Portland OR - Summit Pest ManagementAnt infestations are one of the most common pest problems the Pacific Northwest residents face. As pet owners, we often struggle to balance effective pest control treatments and protecting our beloved family pets. Whether you choose to use ant baits or a natural DIY method to combat ant invaders in your home, following application instructions is imperative to ensure effective ant control as well as keeping your pets out of harm’s way.

Common Pet-Friendly Ant Treatments

The most common types of ant treatments are spray insecticides and ant bait stations. Ant bait stations are one of the most effective and pet-friendly choices for ant control. Bait stations are discreet, often hidden around your home, out of reach of your pets and family. They contain a small amount of insecticide that roaming ants will take back to their colony, transferring to others and ultimately poisoning the colony. Depending on the type of bait station, it may contain a liquid, gel, or granules, all with similar effects on an ant colony. An ant spray is spread around the exterior of your home, creating a barrier and killing ants that come in contact with the insecticide. Although this method kills ants quickly, it does not address the root of your ant infestation- the colony.  When choosing an ant treatment, it is best to consult with a certified ant extermination expert.

Protecting Your Pets During Ant Treatments

Most pets are naturally curious and will examine new items in their home or areas you are paying special attention to while doing ant treatments. During the treatment application process, keeping pets away from treated areas is crucial until the treatment instructions say it is okay to release your furry friends. This precautionary measure ensures that pets are not exposed to the chemicals during the application and drying periods. Keeping pets contained and baits and traps hidden will help prevent any accidental ingestion or contact with substances that may be harmful to pets.

Monitor your pet during and after ant treatment application. Contact your local veterinarian immediately if you notice signs of discomfort, gastrointestinal distress, or other abnormalities in your pets.

Pet-Friendly Methods to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

When fighting the battle against ants, finding methods that will rid your home of ants without harming pets is important. Some of the ways to keep ants out of your home without using an insecticide include:

  • Keep kitchen tidy: Ants enter your home searching for accessible food sources. Keeping your kitchen clean and crumb-free can help prevent them from invading your home.
  • Apply food-grade diatomaceous earth: This fine powder is a popular and effective treatment to kill ants and other hard-bodied pests. 
  • Use essential oils: Essential oils are commonly used as a repellant for ants. Although relatively harmless, some oils may irritate certain pets. Be sure to make sure the oils you use are pet-safe.

Choosing Professional Ant Control

At Summit Pest Management, we know your pets are like family, so we take every precaution possible to ensure your pets are protected during ant treatments. If you are tired of battling ants or any other pests in your home, trust the extermination experts at Summit Pest Management. We will rid your home of pests using industry-leading eco- and pet-friendly products, ensuring your pest problems are a thing of the past. 

Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our ant control services!

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