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Reasons Why You Have Ants

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Discovering any pest in your home can be unnerving, but when it’s an ant you come across, you can be sure there’s a lot more nearby. Ant infestations are common across the country. They are the number one nuisance pest after all. 

Eliminating and preventing ants begins with understanding why they sought your home in the first place. Then, you can remove those attractants and help prevent future infestations. 

Keep reading to learn some common reasons why you might have an ant infestation and what you can do to eliminate the issue.

Why do I Have Ants?

Left-Out Food

Whether it’s food left on a plate, crumbs on the floor, or even just residue on your cupboards, accessible food is one of the top causes of an ant infestation. Clean up spills, sweep often, wipe down countertops, and toss out your garbage regularly. Also, store your food in airtight containers, including pet food. This not only keeps your food fresher longer, but also keeps pests out. 

There’s Water

Like us, ants also need water to survive. They also need it to build their colony. Leaky pipes, spills, and even pet food dishes will draw them in. Fix any leaks and eliminate other sources of standing water. 

Greasy Surfaces

Ants are not only attracted to actual food, but remnants of it, including left-behind grease which is often left hiding on your stove top or on the sides of food storage containers. Regularly wipe down your stove top after cooking and wipe down any surfaces with sticky residue. 

Overgrown Vegetation

Shrubs, trees, and other foliage near your home can act as a highway for ants. To prevent ants from gaining entry into your home this way, trim back any vegetation that makes contact with your home. 

There’s Decaying Wood Around the Home

Carpenter ants are a larger ant species known for their wood-destroying habits. Unlike termites, they don’t eat wood, but they do weaken it by hollowing it out. They are attracted to wet or decaying wood, and are notoriously hard to eliminate. 

Holes and Gaps

Ants can find their way inside of homes through the smallest of spaces, so if your home seems to be prone to ant invasions, you may have gaps allowing them in. Thoroughly inspect your home and locate potential access points, like underneath your door and where utilities enter. Then, seal those areas up with caulk and weatherstripping. 

Experts in Ant Control

If you’ve encountered an ant infestation in your Portland OR area home, turn to the ant control experts at Summit Pest Management. We will quickly locate the ant colony, eliminate it, and provide IPM techniques to help prevent a future infestation. Contact us today for your personalized quote!

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Reasons Why You Have Ants in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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