When warm weather arrives early, the mosquitos arrive with it looking for locations with high humidity and standing water to reproduce and spread.  Once they do they can infest a large area quickly and become difficult to manage. In addition to the discomfort mosquito bites cause, they can be extremely dangerous in spreading disease at a national and international level.

Like all flying insects, it is impossible to completely remove mosquitos from a large area.  However, some simple precautions can substantially increase your comfort level during the mosquito season. Standing water is the common denominator for finding large mosquito populations.  Thus, it is the primary target for mosquito control.  Here are some suggestions:

Obviously you can’t remove a pond from your backyard but you can “Dunk” it. Dunks are available at most garden centers and home improvement stores.  They contain a bacteria that is toxic only to mosquito larvae and completely non-toxic to all other forms of fish, wildlife and humans.  They can cover large areas, work within 30 minutes and can last up to 30 days.

Gutters and the areas surrounding downspouts are known water collectors. Clean your gutters out thoroughly so that drainage is unblocked and make sure that the areas under downspout facilitate proper run-off.

Left unattended, an upright wheelbarrow can quickly become a breeding pool.  Make sure wheelbarrows are kept upside-down and upright.  If possible, keep them stored inside a shed or in a dry area.

Remember, mosquitos reproduce and spread quickly, especially if they have access to standing water. Exercising a few precautions will make for a much more comfortable summer season.

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