When to Call a Wildlife Exterminator

When to Call a Wildlife Exterminator in Vancouver WA and Portland ORWhether you’ve spotted a wild animal or hear one in your home, it’s best to contact an animal control expert right away. Wild animals will gnaw and scratch things in your home. They’ll also urinate and defecate. Some wild animals can also reproduce at an alarming rate–not to mention make a lot of racket. To keep you, your family, and your home safe, Summit Pest Management is proud to offer highly effective wildlife removal services.

When to Call Wildlife Removal

Here in the Pacific Northwest, you’re bound to see a wild animal sometime on your property. However, when these wild animals continue to return or grow in number, it’s time to call a wildlife control expert. Wild animals are known to invade crawlspaces, attics, and basements where they will become nuisances. Wildlife can also damage your home, spread harmful diseases, and cause odors in your home. Our wildlife removal team has over 19 years of experience in wildlife trapping. We know how to safely and effectively remove wild animals from your property. 

Year-Round Wildlife Control

Wildlife removal can be dangerous without the proper tools and training. At Summit Pest Management, we humanely remove all invading wildlife animals from homes and businesses in the Portland metropolitan area. With our unique knowledge of local wildlife and our focus on Integrated Pest Management, we’ll ensure wild animals don’t invade your home again. Below are some of the steps we implement in our wildlife removal process.

  • A thorough inspection of your home or business
  • Identification of the wildlife animal and the conditions that may be attracting them
  • Development of a wildlife control plan to tackle your particular wildlife infestation
  • Sealing of entry points to control sources of the wild animal infestation
  • Implementation of wildlife traps, baits, or other humane techniques

Humane Wildlife Animal Control

At Summit Pest Management, we know the damage and stress a wild animal can cause. When you work with us for professional wildlife animal control, you can trust we will safely remove the animal from your property and ensure it doesn’t become a problem again. Our team is licensed and certified to remove a variety of wildlife from your Oregon property. 

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When to Call a Wildlife Exterminator in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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