Why Do I Have Mice If My Home Is Clean?

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Why Do I Have Mice If My Home Is Clean in Portland OR - Summit Pest Management

Curled up in a cozy corner of your meticulously kept home, the last thing you expect to find is an uninvited guest scurrying across the floor. While a spotless home may seem impervious to pests, that isn’t always the case—these pests are incredibly persistent and can invade just about any property. If you’re wondering why you have mice despite frequent cleaning, here’s what you need to know about rodent infestations. 

Why Rodents Still Infest Clean Homes

Even in the cleanest of homes, mice can find their way inside due to a combination of factors that extend beyond tidiness. Understanding these contributing factors is essential in effectively addressing and preventing mice infestations. Some reasons why you may find mice even in a clean home include:

  • Warmth: We all like getting comfortable indoors after being out in the cold, and rodents are no different. That’s why you’re more likely to experience an infestation in the fall or winter; as temperatures drop, rats and mice try to get indoors. 
  • Entry points: Since rodents are constantly on the search for shelters, they will invade pretty much any property that has easy access. Holes, cracks, torn screens, or appliance vents are a few common ways that these pests get inside.
  • Food sources: If your home is clean, you probably don’t think there are food sources around. But, if you leave pet food bowls out overnight or have birdseed in the garden, there may be more rodent-ready snacks around than you realize. 

How to Protect Your Home From Rodents

Maintaining a clean home is undoubtedly essential in deterring pests, but safeguarding your living space against mice requires a multifaceted approach. In addition to keeping things clean, try following these steps:

  • Use caulk to seal any holes or gaps in your foundation
  • Repair broken shingles along your roof
  • Install chimney caps and door sweeps
  • Repair torn screens and consider installing screen doors
  • Inspect or replace your insulation
  • Clean your crawl space

Alongside these efforts, invest in routine rodent inspections from a qualified professional. Some infestations go weeks or months before being detected, which can allow the problem to spread throughout your home and become even harder to eliminate. Annual inspections and regular preventative maintenance can keep your space safe from rodents. 

Rodent Removal Services in the Pacific Northwest

Mice can find their way into even the most pristine environments. When faced with a persistent rodent problem, it’s essential to turn to a trusted and experienced pest control partner for effective solutions. 

From comprehensive property inspections to targeted treatments and long-term prevention strategies, we’re committed to delivering guaranteed results that provide peace of mind for you and your family. Don’t let mice take control of your home – trust Summit Pest Management for professional rodent control services you can rely on.

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Why Do I Have Mice If My Home Is Clean? in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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