Rains have returned to the Pacific Northwest. Where there is rain there is standing water, and where there is standing water, there are rats. This is especially true when this standing water is close to your home and the small entrances that lead inside. As with all other living creatures, rats need water to survive and it is one of the first resources they look for when seeking home and shelter. Standing water close to your house or structure is also a standing invitation for rats and other rodents to set up camp. With the rainy months upon us, be sure to sweep, drain and clear standing water away from the exterior of homes and buildings. Make sure other vessels that can carry water like flower pots and plant holders are empty when not in use. After a few years of endless blue skies, it looks like we are headed for the type of rainy season that the Pacific Northwest is known for. As we head deeper into the winter season, remember that at the same time rats are looking to get out of the rain. They are looking for a winter home with a water source close by.

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